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Muay ThaiMuay Thai Boxing is a martial art that has originated in the country of Jon MundenThailand. In the early years of Thai History  hand-to-hand fighting techniques were developed that can quickly allowed the body's natural weapons such as the head, fists, elbows and feet to be utilized in a combat environment. This effective combat style has been subject to an increasing popularity in the mixed martial arts arena.

Muay Thai (known to some outside of Thailand as Muay Thai kickboxing) is a national sport of Thailand as well as a national passion. It is a fighting technique borne out of combat reality. Known as the science of eight limbs Muay Thai kickboxing uses the knees and elbows as well as kicks and punches. Almost any part of the body is considered a fair target and any part of the body, except the head, may be used to strike an opponent. Muay Thai is a professional and amateur sport, a martial art, aerobic fitness programme and a useful form of self-defence. But Muay Thai kickboxing is more than just learning how to fight. Muay Thai kickboxing is a strong and vigorous martial art art that teaches self-discipline and self-awareness. It has been passed down through generations for the last 2000 years.

Bristol Dojo is proud to have Jon Munden co-founder of Bristol Muay Thai who has brought his very successful club to Bristol Dojo. This well established club train traditional Muay Thai and compete at many local and national events with their fight team. Muay Thai can also provide stand-up techniques for MMA fighters. Beginners are always welcome, just turn up and watch or join in!

Jon Munden can be contacted onĀ  07855 445375

Please note this class is strictly adults only.

Bristol Dojo Muay Thai
Bristol Dojo Muay Thai
Bristol Dojo Muay Thai

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