Karate Jutsu - Adults

Bristol Dojo is home to Imperial Karate Jutsu which was started in 1995. The word Jutsu relates to the practical training of Martial Arts and Imperial KarateKarate Jutsu is a complete and very effective combat and self-defence system of punches, throws, kicks, grappling and ground combat. This is how Karate was originally developed and this is how we believe it should be trained.

Imperial are unique in having several senior black belts instructing undert he guidence of Imperial Chief instructor and former Welsh International fighter Simon O'Brien 6th Dan. Imperial Karate JutsuOur Senior Instructors have over 40 years experience each and are also British Combat Association accredited and trained.

The minimum age for our Senior class is 13 due to the nature of the training and our combat system is divided into 3 phases of training:-

Phase 1 - Free Fighting - As the name implies, this is where during a conflict you are able to move and use kicks, blocks and punches. Sadly, this is where most Karate clubs stop due to lack of knowledge of Phase 2 & 3 and then miss out some important self-defence aspects.Imperial Karate Jutsu

Phase 2 - Clinch Fighting - This is where the escalation of phase one has resulted in your opponent grabbing or holding you. Your restricted movement needs a whole new set of tools to deal with this!

Phase 3 - Ground Fighting - The ground is the worst place you can end up but all too often that is exactly where it goes after phase 2. This is where your Karate grappling skills will come into play and get you back to your feet or end the conflict whilst still on the ground.

Our training and grading syllabus is broken down into 8 areas of study:-Imperial Karate Jutsu

  • Kata - The time preserved methods and principles of Karate recoded in set movements.
  • Kihon - The practice and perfection of single strikes and blocks.
  • Bunkai - The practical use of the techniques recorded in Kata.
  • Atemi Waza - Padwork. The vital development of power and impact of all Karate technique.
  • Tegumi - The practice and training of grips, throws and takedowns of Karate Jutsu.
  • Kumite - Sparring work with single and multiple partners standing and on the ground.
  • Ne Waza - The study and practice of Karate's forgotton ground fighting techniques.
  • Renraku - The training of kicking and punching technique to form fast powerfull flowing combinations.

There are very few places that have the ability and knowledge to take your Karate through all of the above phases and students from all over the South West travel to Bristol Dojo for this very popular and busy twice weekly class. If you are looking for Karate with the Kata, strikes, locks, throws and grappling elements still included then Imperial Senior Karate Jutsu is for you!

Here is a video that explains our unique approach to training.


The secrets of Karate are contained in the Kata!