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Junior Karate

Bristol Dojo is the home of Imperial Karate Jutsu which was started in 1995. Literally meaning the practical use of the 'empty hand', Karate Jutsu is one of the most traditional martial arts, in essence a complete unarmed-combat system, employing kicking, striking, defensive blocking with arms and legs, throwing and ground skills. Karate has a big emphasis on mental attitude and courtesy. Wadokai BadgeAs well as the self-defence aspect we also have several students that compete in tournaments as part of the Wado-Kai England national squad and have represented England in the World Cup in Japan amongst other high profile international events.

We are often asked by parents, what makes training with Imperial Karate different from the many other activities that are available for children nowadays?

Firstly we would say that Karate is not just another after school activity for children. Whilst we feel that activities such as football, ballet and horse riding for example are all great fun for children to be involved with and certainly should be tried and tested, Karate is all about a child's personal development through the physical discipline of Karate.

Imperial Karate JutsuOur exciting, yet structured and disciplined classes, teach children how to focus their attention which improves their ability to learn. We have found that learning builds a real sense of accomplishment in children and with each new accomplishment a child's self-confidence will grow.Junior Karate

Once we begin to build a child's confidence we are then able to instil the values of respect, courtesy, honesty and integrity that are the foundations of the martial arts dating back thousands of years.
Our junior karate programme is split into two main sections dependant on age and is designed for children aged four years and over with the curriculum built around good, strong foundations in technique along with positive life skills development.

Little Imps Karate for ages 4, 5 and 6 years click here
Junior Karate Jutsu for ages 7 and over.

Karate JutsuThe programme works on improving self-discipline, focus, mental alertness, self-confidence and learning to set and achieve attainable goals.

At Imperial Karate children are taught that through dedicated, intense work, all worthwhile goals in life are possible. Many parents have attributed improved performance at school as a direct result of the increased achievement, motivation, self-confidence and focus gained whilst practicing with Imperial Karate.
The combined physical and character foundations that we aim to develop at Bristol Dojo will help children excel in their academic school studies, sports and social endeavours. This will ensure that they will have the confidence in themselves and the character to make the right decisions when confronted with negative peer pressure. They will be leaders not followers and will learn to avoid anything that would affect their mental growth and physical health.
Here at Bristol Dojo, we are always ready to welcome new students into our junior Karate programme and have new students starting their martial arts journey with us regularly.

Our Programme

Our training and grading syllabus is broken down into 8 areas of study:-

Kata - The time preserved methods and principles of Karate recoded in set movements.
Kihon - The individual practice and perfection of strikes and blocks.
Bunkai - The practical use of techniques principles recorded in Kata.
Atemi Waza- Padwork. Vital development of power and impact of all Karate technique.
Tegumi - The practice and training of grips, throws and takedowns of Karate Jutsu.
Kumite - Sparring work with single and multiple partners standing and on the ground.
Ne Waza - The study and practice of Karate's forgotten ground fighting technique.
Renraku - The training of kicking and punching technique to form fast powerful flowing combinations.