Little Imps Karate

Imps ClubImps Club™ are fun activity classes which are designed for children aged 4, 5 & 6Imps Club to help build confidence in a fun and safe environment. It is also a safe and gentle introduction into the world of Martial Arts.

The programme is based upon the principles of Karate training and has been designed by Simon O’Brien 6th Dan who has been training and teaching Karate for over 40 years.

The programme concentrates on the teaching of 10 core principles taught in 10 separate “Steps”. Our motto is “One step at a time” and this reflects our step by step approach to learning. The 12 week rolling programme is further broken down into Stage 1 and Stage 2 with each stage consisting of 5 of the Steps plus a stage revision session.Imps Club

Stage 1 - focuses mainly on upper body movement and co-ordination.
Stage 2 - focuses mainly at lower body movement and co-ordination.

We cover subjects such as awareness of danger, bullying, discipline, healthy eating, fitness, co-ordination and teamwork all wrapped up in fun games and training drills.


All trainers have have full CRB clearance and experience working with children of all ages and ability
Imps Club
Imps Club
Imps Club

This is a video of our Little Imps playing "Tail Chase" game. Head guards are used only to prevent bumping heads.