Boxing - Juniors


Boxing is quickly becoming one of the most rewarding and challenging sports available for children today. A combination of althleticism, physical and mental conditioning, sportsmanship and self worth that they will develop from this sport make it a very popular choice. Boxing will teach you to be self reliant, to value the input of others and most importantly to respect both their own skills and those of others. Children who learn boxing will develop a sence of confidence that they will carry with them for the rest of their lives.

Our Kids Boxing classes are aimed at introducing young people to the sport of Boxing in a welcoming environment. We aim to ensure that the children's Boxing skills improve steadily by making all our training drills effective, challenging and fun.

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Bristol Dojo Gym is also the only authorised boxing training centre in Bristol for Ultra White Collar Boxing where we train hundreds of their boxers every year ready for showcase events. We run at least 3 full boxing showcases every year and 3 boxing interclub events.

Bristol Dojo Gym

We have a fantastc facility for Boxing at Bristol Dojo with an 18ft Pro Boxing ring, a large number of hanging bags as well as a huge matted training area. Come and try a class for FREE today!