Welcome to Bristol Dojo!

Welcome to Bristol Dojo,

as one of the first full time martial arts academys in the South West we specialize in all areas of combat arts. We pride ourselves in offering the very best facilities and instruction available. We have a full range of training on our large fully matted training area with custom kick bags racks, full size kickboxing ring, crash mats, MMA combat wall, MMA cage sections and a host of other training equipment to ensure you get the most from your training.

Our students are from every walk of life, all ages and all abilities. Some are here just to keep fit and some are at pro level and compete on the mat, the ring and the cage all over the world with recent events in Tokyo and California and televised events. Many of our students have UK, European and world rankings and we have current British and European champions among our ranks.

Bristol Dojo
With any sporting or physical activity, you will only reach a high standard if you are provided with the right facilities and environment and martial arts are no different. You can only expect to get so far training in a sports centre, school or village hall and that's why ifyou are serious about your training or you are thinking about starting, Bristol Dojo is the place to go.
Bristol Dojo Fight Team Dylan OBrien

We are open 7 days a week and have FREE private parking on our forecourt. You are welcome to come in during any class and watch us train to see which class you would like to try. We cater for children aged from 4 years upwards as well as a large adult program. Whether you want to learn Brazilian Jiu Jitsu as an effective self-defence or Kickboxing or MMA for fitness and competition you will find everything you need under one roof.

With over 300 members and 12 instructors you will not find a better place to train in Bristol.
Simon O'Brien