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Dojo Owner Simon O'BrienAt Bristol Dojo we pride ourselves in producing the highest quality martial artists with several of our students winning medals, trophies and championship belts all over the UK and abroad. We specialise in Karate Jutsu, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, K-1 Kickboxing, Muay Thai, No Gi grappling and Mixed Martial Arts. Our students consist of men and women of all ages and abilities. Our classes are for absolutley everyone and anyone from age 4 upwards.

With any physical activity, you will reach a much higher standard if you are provided with the right facilities to train in. Bristol Dojo Combat Gym is a state of the art training centre which has been deigned soley for high level training of martial arts.

Bristol Dojo is a professional centre of excellence for several martial arts boasting large fully matted training areas, MMA cage sections, professional boxing rings, rack mounted kick-bags, heavy weights gym and a host of other equipment to give you that much needed edge. Add to this a team of great coaches and you have a winning combination. We hold regular inter-club competitions for many of our arts at Bristol Dojo where you can test your skills in a professional sized ring or mat and an exciting atmosphere.

Some of our students train with us just to keep fit in an environment that's more fun than a normal gym and some of our students want to go down the competition route and enter local and international tournaments. Whatever your age, what ever your goals, we have something to offer everyone so if your serious about learning martial arts give us a call and come and train with us.

Simon O'Brien - 6th Dan British Combat Association. Former England AMA National Coach. Former Welsh National Team Member. Owner of Bristol Dojo

Bristol Dojo

Iain Abernethy"Bristol Dojo must be one of the most impressive facilities I've visited. Not only is the dojo itself first class, but Simon O'Brien and his team of instructors have a infectious enthusiasm and uncompromising desire to both be and produce the best martial artist possible.

There is always an amazing atmosphere at this dojo and when you combine that wilh high quality, thoughtful and pragmatic martial arts you have a wining combination that all dojo's would so well to aspire to. This has to be one of the best facilities the UK has to offer and I highly recommend Bristol dojo to anyone wanting to get the best out of the martial arts".

Iain Abernethy - Martial arts author, columnist and international seminar instructor.
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